ESG Training

ESG training focuses upon helping directors and senior management in defining governance best practices and identifying how enhancing corporate governance can generate value and improve the reputation of their respective organisations. All of our training programmes are specific to the needs of our client and designed to provide a respectful, “safe” learning environment for directors and senior managers to experiment with new skills and solutions and…

  • Be engaging and interactive

  • Be practical and pragmatic

  • Be up to date and relevant

  • Be orientated towards the development needs of the group

  • Produce action plans for change within the board and the organisation.

Our ESG training subject matter includes:

  • Benefits and advantages to proactively deal with and disclose on environmental change (especially climate change) and social change
  • Distinguish between the shareholder value approach, the stakeholder approach and the inclusive stakeholder approach
  • Distinguish between ESG, the triple bottom line and sustainability
  • How to implement ESG metrics recommended by key international standards setters