Board Evaluation

Board evaluations enable organisations to comply with national regulations and laws, and align themselves with international best practices.  Many regulators around the World recommend that Listed Companies should conduct externally facilitated board evaluations at least once every three years.

GGS has extensive evaluation experience, using a fully client-customised approach which focuses upon the role and performance of boards, board committees and individual directors.  Our evaluations can also identify areas for improvement in board decision making, performance and accountability.

Our board evaluation services can include:
  • bench-marking against national & sectoral performance metrics;
  • assessing the balance of skills & expertise within the board;
  • identifying attributes required for any new board appointment;
  • the effectiveness of the board’s decision making processes;
  • recognising the board’s outputs and achievements;
  • reviewing practices & procedures to improve efficiency or effectiveness.
Examples include *
  • Evaluations of bank boards (including Islamic Banks)
  • Board of an International Stock Exchange
  • Board of a National Public Authority
  • Health Authority board
  • Tax Authority board
  • Not-for-profit professional association

NOTE: Non-disclosure agreement prevents disclosure of name