About Us

We are a UK incorporated private company founded in 2004 by Dr. Chris Pierce (CEO), and have since evolved to become a globally recognised leader in governance-related services. We specialise in corporate governance advisory and development services, as well as producing governance national codes & standards.

GGS’s wide range of clients include companies, universities, professional bodies and financial institutions, utilising its extensive services across Africa, Asia & Australia, Europe, Middle East, South America and the United States.  Click to view our client footprint

We utilise our extensive international network of specialists, advisers, trainers, writers and researchers.  Our team work in multiple languages and with governments, institutions and organisations of all sizes and complexity.

The GGS staff and consultants are all experienced professionals, holding both academic and industry related qualifications within their respective specialities which include director level development; programme development & certification; national governance standards; board evaluation and research.  Collectively our programme teams provide our clients with an extensive and expansive knowledge across all aspects of corporate governance and leadership.

Our team focus is on building valued relationships with our clients and delivering excellence in both our service and client solutions.  The core GGS team is UK based (see Contact Us page) and as an international service provider, we also work closely with our Associates who are UK and internationally located.